Asian Fantasy Shatter – Diamond Concentrates


Asian Fantasy Shatter – Diamond Concentrates


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Strain: Asian Fantasy

Type: Sativa

A rare and unusual Sativa, we are very pleased to have found a grower with authentic Asian Fantasy genetics to share with us for extraction. Little is known of the breeding background this strain, but we suspect the involvement of original Haze. Its flavor profile is characterized by fruity, citrus dominant tones atop a background of lightly earthy vibes. As a high Sativa hybrid, it delivers a high THC: CBD ratio for a very heady, energetic feel. Users report efficacy for creativity, mood lift, active recreation without the weight of a couch-locking body stone.


What is Asian Fantasy?

After repeated rumors that this strain suffered extinction thanks to a secretive breeder, enough sightings occur regularly to ensure that while rare, the Asian Fantasy strain does still exist. Its genetics, however, remains a mystery. What’s clear is that this strain has a healthy dose of sativa in it that will get ideas and creativity flowing.

For more in-depth information: Leafly

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