Diamond Concentrates – Diamond Distillate Strawberry Pineapple (Syringe)


Diamond Concentrates – Diamond Distillate Strawberry Pineapple (Syringe)



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Strain: Strawberry Pineapple

Type: THC

What is Diamond Concentrates – Diamond Distillate Strawberry Pineapple ?

This pure THC Distillate with organic terpenes by Diamond Concentrates is clean, pure, and flavour packed.

Diamond Concentrates THC Distillate Syringes. Each syringe contains a full gram of THC distillate.

Compound Breakdown:

0.04% THCA     |      0.16% CBD

90.67% Delta-9 THC    |      1.45% CBG

1.58% THCV    |      0.16% Total CBD

90.67% Total THC    |      0.28% CBN

Total Detected Cannabinoids: 91%

What are Distillates?

Like most consumer markets, the cannabis industry is constantly evolving. As a more health-conscious society, we are all in a continuous search for new and safer alternative means of medicating via cannabis. While many trends have come and gone, it is arguable that distillate oils are the future of cannabinoid extractions. With THC/CBD concentrations ranging from 90% to as high as 99%, cannabis distillates are simply the purest form of THC/CBD available today. Distillates are made possible due to a state of the art short-path distillation method which requires zero solvents what-so-ever. In theory this process is some-what similar to the process in which alcohol is distilled. This process implements molecular distillation which allows for the separation of all the individual components or compounds within the cannabis plant at a molecular level. This end process results in a pure, unadulterated product that is free of lipids, waxes and other plant matters or impurities.

How Do I use Distillates?

The versatility of distillates provide consumers with boundless opportunities in regards to terms of usage. Distillates go through a complete decarboxylation process which pre-activates the THC/CBD contained within the substance, allowing for endless and discreet applications. In terms of oral ingestion, distillates can be directly applied raw onto the tongue and can even be infused into food and used in cooking. As far as smoking goes, distillates have nearly infinite methods for consumption. Avid concentrate fans will swear by dabbing, which is the most popular way to utilize distillates. Another popular means of application lies in vaporizing – handheld vaporizers are not only discreet, but allow for usage while on-the-go. Asides from dabbing and vaporizing, distillates can also simply be spread in a joint alongside your flowers.

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