Space Cookies Shatter – Diamond Concentrates


Space Cookies Shatter – Diamond Concentrates


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Strain: Space Cookies

Type: Hybrid

Space Cookies is an Indica Dominant 60% hybrid, developed by breeding Girl Scout Cookies and Afghani strains. This potent strain with send you soaring through outer space! Space Cookies provides the user with a relaxed, euphoric high that melts away daily stress and anxiety – while the body eases into a pain free state. This strain offers a harmonious mix of sweetness and pine aromas – thats tangible on the palate. The flower offers a unique blend of uplifting, cerebral stimulation with a warm buzz that begins in the head and slowly spreads throughout the entire body. A favorite amongst connoisseurs – Space Cookies is found to be most effective at treating depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

What is Space Cookies?

The strain is a well balanced hybrid strain, featuring 60% indica genetics and 40% sativa genetics. The strain was developed during a breeding program using Girl Scout Cookies and Afghani genetics. This combination has resulted in a strain that is very high in THC, appealing to smokers who really enjoy spacing out and achieving more profound psychoactive states.

For more in-depth information: Girl Scout Cookies and Afghani

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